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Welcome Edgewood ISD Parents/Guardians!

Edgewood ISD Course Catalog - Your resource for all of our Campuses and Academic Programs!

This is the parent information system that interfaces with our student information system.

All parent/guardians will need to create a new account. Please select New Users to begin the registration process. As you register, please note that all data is case sensitive. 
You will be prompted to create a userID (maximum 32 alpha/numeric characters and password (maximum 64 alpha/numeric characters) along with a security question/answer (maximum 150 characters) for validation in the event of a forgotten password.
To register and be authenticated, you must enter the following information for one of your children:
  • Parent/guardian first name
  • Parent/guardian last name
  • Student Birthdate
  • Student first name
  • Student ID (seven-digit local)
  • Student last name

All of your children will appear under this account if they are connected properly in FRONTLINE.
If the data you provided matches the data in FRONTLINE, you are automatically authenticated and ready to use PSS.

If there is a data mismatch, the authentication process will fail and you will need to contact the campus to resolve the data error. Once the data has been corrected, you can go on-line to register and be authenticated.

New Users

Existing Users

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